We are rebranding from Trucept Risk Management to Afinida Risk Management!


As your workers’ compensation third party administrator, Afinida Risk Management, Inc. offers:

Members meeting virtually discussing their complete program management

Complete program management

We attribute our success to our complete program management philosophy and the high standards against which we measure our performance. On every claim, our adjusters focus on strong medical case management, reliable and thorough claims management, and aggressive return-to-work strategies.

Injured person filling out a form

Safety management and risk control services and injury Prevention

The best way to effectively manage workers’ compensation costs is to prevent injuries. We partner with our clients to analyze injury trends, injury types, and accident causes. We identify key cost drivers and provide strategic data to develop and enhance an effective safety and loss prevention program.

Group of adjusters in a team meeting

Experienced team of adjusters

Our AFR staff includes experienced in-house claims professionals who deliver a consistent and aggressive approach to workers’ compensation claims. With an average case load below required maximums, our expertise is put to work analyzing, assessing, investigating, and managing claims to bring them to closure.

Medical Expert reviewing and managing cases

Dedicated medical case management

Our model for medical case management follows several medically driven principles: a focus on restoring wellness and a safe return to work; the use of meaningful and objective performance measures; and effective management of restrictions.

Team members reviewing performance data and analytics

Performance measurement and analysis

Robust reporting enables us to measure our performance and deliver timely and relevant reporting to our clients. We have developed industry-leading data analytics to support our clients’ workers’ compensation cost-containment strategies and evaluate overall and specific program performance. We provide reports including loss runs, injury trending, adjuster performance, and other key measurements. We use industry best practice security technologies and the power of the world’s leading independent risk management information system and claims management solution to process, manage, and analyze claims and track incidents.

Simplify Your Workers' Compensation Claims

We’ve got your back when it comes to workers’ compensation claim resolution. We pride ourselves on closing claims in a cost-saving and timely manner.

Simplify Your Workers' Compensation Claims

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